A Novel Competency in Healthcare: Engagement Competency

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Friday, February 9th, 2024

06:00 pm (UK Time)

Itqan academy in collaboration with Altababa proudly present
"A Novel Competency in Healthcare: Engagement Competency"

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In this webinar Dr Imad Hassan will take us through:
  1. Employee engagement: master the art of engaging your employees and transform your organization.
  2. A simple roadmap demystifying what employee engagement is about and confidently apply a novel transformational engagement strategy.
  3. How to motivate and unlock the power of your employees, drive their performance by unleashing their true potential and maximizing their contribution.
  4. How to differentiate your business from others and “Go big, Go fast” by transforming your organization to a people-centric listening and healing enterprise, for a happier and more prosperous world!
  5. How to make employee engagement stand out as the difference that makes the difference and could make all the difference!

The Learning Objectives:

  1. Define what is meant by Team Members and Patient Engagement.
  2. Recognize the importance and critical benefits of engagement for both your healthcare team and for patients and families.
  3. Identify the drivers of Engagement based on Maslow’s Pyramid and Gallup Q12 Survey items.
  4. Describe the practical strategies for improving Engagement for clinical success and organizational transformation.
  5. Recognize the role of leadership in fostering engagement.
  6. Acquaint healthcare and clinical leaders and trainees with a novel 7Es People Engagement Competency Framework with its Entrustable Professional Activities, Milestones and Enabling Actions.
  7. Recognize, describe, and practically apply the transformative engagement tools for Envisioning, Embracing, Empowering, Enlightening, Empathizing, Energizing and Evaluating for the healthcare team and patients.
  • Join us and participate actively.
  • Ask questions,
  • share your experience
  • Keep up with the Nuts & Bolts of a Novel Employee Engagement Competency.
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